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About Us

At the heart of Michigan is a foremost provisionary center that promotes the use of cannabis as medicine: Suite B Provisionary Center. Suite B Provisionary Center is Michigan’s top provisionary centre that takes pride in providing patients in the US and abroad with the best medical cannabis available along with specialized medical care.

How We Can Help You ?

Modern medicine has taught us to rely too much on conventional medicines that are created from chemicals synthesized in laboratories and in turn, can create a plethora of side effects more than medical benefits. All around us, there are a lot of natural cures that Mother Nature has produced for us, however we fail to accept them and integrate them in our daily life. One such natural health remedy that many of us can benefit from is medical marijuana.

Cannabis has been known for centuries as a miracle herb, yet only a few people realize this. There are many health benefits of cannabis than you can ever imagine. For one, cannabis can help you lose weight, and it can help you if you are overweight and if you suffer from a lot of co-morbid conditions such as high blood cholesterol and diabetes. Cannabis is also known to help regulate and prevent diabetes because the ingredients in this herb help the body in the regulation of insulin production, which, in turn, can make the body manage caloric intake more effectively.

Cannabis has also been known to prevent cancer. Both experts and the government have released substantial evidence that cannabinoids in medical marijuana have the ability to fight certain types of cancer. It is also used to treat a lot of neuropsychiatric disorders such as depression, autism, movement disorders and seizures. This is due to the fact that medical marijuana has the ability to restore normal endocannabinoid function in the body so that mood is stabilized and depression is eliminated. It can also help prevent violent mood swings among autistic children. Cannabis is also showing good promise in the treatment of seizures that cannot be controlled by medical therapy alone.

Other medical conditions that can be treated by medical marijuana are ADHD, glaucoma, lung problems, anxiety, serious drug and alcohol addictions, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, eating disorders, arthritis, PTSD, metabolic problems, AIDS/HIV malnutrition, nausea, headaches, speech problems, skin conditions, chemotherapy side effects, obsessive compulsive disorder, asthma, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, insomnia and other health problems. If you have some of these problems, why not give medical marijuana a try?
Suite B Provisionary Center is the premier center dedicated towards the study and use of medical marijuana in health and medicine. With us, you are assured of high-quality medical marijuana at affordable prices along with professional medical marijuana care.

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  • Great prices on concentrates, will be back. 🙂

  • From pre-rolls to bud to edibles,everything is on point,fairly priced and friendly staff.
    Good locale too, easy access and shares a spot with a hydro store.

  • Friendly staff, quick service, quality product, great deals.

  • What an experience, such a great staff and an excellent environment. Willis was a tremendous help to me when it came to choosing my flower that best suited my current problems and issues, thank you guys so much for giving a first timer a perfect first experience.. I will be coming back regularly

  • I was in Detroit visiting a friend with a California Recommendation and ID. Suite B honored my out of state MMC and were absolutely friendly and helpful when it came to bud tending. I bought flowers, a piece, and some edibles. I was fully satisfied with all of my products. The whole staff was extremely friendly and really just looking to spend time getting to know my needs and helped me find what I needed. Bud is legit. Thank you Suite B


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