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Legalized Synthetic Marijuana


Through the last several years, scientists have been undergoing studies that have made the government see the potential marijuana can do for patients. Until 1942, when marijuana was completely taken off shelves, marijuana was used for centuries as herbal remedies.

Cannabinoids are active components that are found in marijuana. The two major components studied are delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinoid (THC), and cannabidiol (CBD). Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinoid is what gives patients the “high” that patients feel, but also reduce inflammation, as well as, act as an antioxidant. Depending on tolerance, it can cause anxiety and paranoia. Cannabidiol it was helps with seizures, calm patients nerves and help with depression, and will not give a patient the “high” feeling but actually counteract the “high”.


The quickest way to medicate for patients is either to smoke or vaporize medical marijuana, but you can also ingest it. The ingestion of marijuana products can be unpredictable, and last longer. There is no set time for when the edible when kick in. It depends how your bodies metabolism breaks down food, and how your liver processes it through.

Studies have shown patients who suffer from debilitating conditions that cause them severe nausea and vomiting through treatments received better results in relief through smoking or vaporizing marijuana. It also shows that patients who used marijuana extracts during chemotherapy, like Rick Simpson Oil, needed less pain medication. Scientist use laboratory dishes to demonstrate how THC and other components actually shrink or kill cancer cells, but only using marijuana can cause serious health consequences.

Even through positive studies marijuana is still not approved by the FDA, but they did release two synthetic forms of THC to give to patients who do not have access to medical marijuana. The synthetic forms of THC are Dronabinal (Marinol), Nabilone, and Nabiximols which is still being researched for approval but available in Canada and parts of Europe.

Marijuana will not have the same effect for everyone who tries it. Patients are always advised to see their doctor before self-medicating.