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The Capital Conference- Update on Local and State Medical Marijuana Business Law Changes was

held at the state Michigan’s capital Lansing on December 4, 2016 at the Radisson Hotel. This is amidst

the fact that this state capital has around 70 medical marijuana dispensaries and that currently, there

are various proposed marijuana cultivation and distribution ordinances.

Recently, East Lansing has given out a business ordinance that will allow 1,500 plant cultivation

processes in dispensaries and other locations within the city. The event will be graced by Jeff Irwin,

outgoing Michigan House Representative who will end his three-year term in the House on December

15, 2016; former news anchor of Fox News Anqunette “Q” Jamison who also serves as a board member

for MILegalize2018, the organization responsible for the legalization of Marijuana in Michigan; Lansing

attorneys Joshua Covert, Michael Nichols and Mary Chartier; accountant Paul Samways and lobbyist

Justin Dunaskiss.

This conference will serve to inform the general public of the latest developments and business insights

regarding marijuana cultivation and distribution and its relation to the new Michigan state laws. Three

new Public Acts that will regulate marijuana distribution, cultivation and testing will become effective on

December 20, 2016. All these public acts were signed by Governor Snyder on a statewide level. Last

December 2, 2016, the Lansing's Public Safety committee met and discussed to add tougher and newer

restrictions on the proposed marijuana cultivation ordinance. The City Council will meet and discuss

these recommendations on December 12, 2016 and the new dispensary regulations.

Michigan Governor Snyder is said to be currently selecting people who will fill the Board and

administrative positions which are outlined in the new laws.

The MICBD Group is hosting the said event. The group has already held a similar conference last October

16, 2016 at the Holiday Inn in Flint. Over 300 people attended the said event according to the local NBC

News. According to Jamie Lowell of MIBCD Group, the advanced ticket sales for the coming event

Capital Conference- Update on Local and State Medical Marijuana Business Law Changes on December

4, 2016 is 10% more than the registrations in the previous Flint event.

The MIBCD group regularly holds business conferences that are well-attended by people in Michigan

and other states. According to MICBD principal Rick Thompson, “We allow no games, no gimmicks, no

vendors or sales of any kind at our Conferences. This is a business-first event held by business

professionals. It is a distraction-free learning environment.”

For more information on this event, visit www.micbd.com.

To purchase tickets, please visit this link. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/capital-conference- update-on-

local-and- state-medical- marijuana-law- changes-tickets- 28879079103

For advance media passes (not required), simply reply to this email.